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Music for healing and relaxation



healing relaxing music Chakras s


Improve your body's self-healing properties

Stress relief, relaxation and energy healing are the main focus of this CD. The music is composed within the tonal range of tuning forks in the modified diatonic scale between C 256 – C 512 Hz. This is the very first music recording of its kind. For the recording, the guitar and piano were tuned to the frequency of A 426.7 Hz (as opposed to the standard A 440 Hz)... Read more




healing relaxing music Dance of the Chakras s

Dance of the Chakras

Move for health

The concept behind this CD is to activate the chakras by concentrating heavily on rhythm and movement. These powerful and joyous compositions pulsate throughout the listener’s body and invite them to move with the music. Whatever activity you are engaged in, the sounds of the vibrating tuning forks will benefit your overall sense of well-being... Read more




healing relaxing music Organs s


Music for healing the body

The main focus of this CD is to put the body in tune with the vibrations linked to healthier living. According to Dr. Barbara Hero from the United States, every organ in the body corresponds to a specific frequency of health. To research this, she measured and calculated the frequency of the sound waves being sent through healthy organs... Read more




healing relaxing music Bioelements s


Restoring and regulating the body's biochemistry

Each trace element has its own vibration and each frequency has its own specific tone. Using these specific tones, this music was composed and recorded in the modified diatonic scale of A 426.7 Hz (as opposed to the standard A 440 Hz). Human body reacts better to this scale, while listening to the individual tracks, the lack or excess of each trace element... Read more




healing relaxing music Planets s


Meditation of the unity with the Cosmos

Relaxation, energy healing and the increasing of personal vibrations are the main focus of this CD. The planets frequencies were discovered and measured by the Swiss mathematician Hans Cousto. He did this by aligning the planets to the octaves heard as each planet moved on its axis in relation to the sun... Read more




healing relaxing music OM s

4 Seasons

Meditation of the unity with the Earth

Composed in the modified diatonic scale of A 426.7 Hz, the music for the four seasons will spark certain emotions within you, which will influence your heart and soul in a positive manner. Each year, the four seasons change as the earth rotates around the sun. This rotation causes a frequency called "the frequency of the earth year" which is in C# (136.1 Hz)... Read more




healing relaxing music Energy s


Positive energy all day everyday

Every human being is exposed to a variety of differing foreign energies on a daily basis. Not all of these foreign vibrations are good for our body. Especially sensitive people are more likely to attract negative and burdening energies. When negative energy attaches itself to a person, it causes a so-called energy block to occur. This energy block then prevents... Read more




healing relaxing music Harmony s


Body and mind in balance

The tuning forks allow you benefit from a deeper therapeutic effect. While listening to the tracks, they change the music into something more lively with the extension of vibration.Even when the individual chakras are working to their fullest potential, it still isn’t enough to reach the optimal flow of energy... Read more




healing relaxing music Love s


Would it not be beautiful if our hearts could open more to deep and satisfying love relationships with ourselves and other people? The “Love” CD is a composition drawing on life wisdom that slowly comes to be recognised... Read more




healing relaxing music Courage s


Not always do we manage to strictly follow the voice of our heart. Sometimes, we lack the courage to do this. Why is that so? Today we know that the fears of our ancestors who, for instance, experienced the horrors of war, are carried over in genes... Read more




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