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Sound Healing with Tuning Forks - The Cosmic Vibration of OM: 4 Seasons

Meditation of the unity with the Earth



Georg Garbowski
Tuning Forks
Guitar rhythm composition
Martin Garbowski
Cover art "4 Seasons"

Composed in the modified diatonic scale of A 426.7 Hz, the music for the four seasons will spark certain emotions within you, which will influence your heart and soul in a positive manner. Each year, the four seasons change as the earth rotates around the sun. This rotation causes a frequency called "the frequency of the earth year" which is in C# (136.1 Hz).

This cosmic vibration, also known as Om, can be found throughout the whole universe. While listening to this music, if you allow this Om to flow through your entire body, it can open up your inner mind, allowing you to find harmony and become one with the cosmos. Along with personal use, this CD is recommended for sound therapy, massage, and in any kind of treatment room where therapy is practiced.

Track list:


1. Spring
2. Summer
3. Autumn
4. Winter

13 : 21
16 : 57
13 : 07
14 : 12
meditation music OM b


The picture "Four Seasons" by Martin Garbowski represents the earth's four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter

meditation om picture


Tuning fork used on the album

tuning fork meditation