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Sound Healing with Tuning Forks - Energy

Positive energy all day everyday



Georg Garbowski
Tuning Forks
Guitar rhythm composition
Margarete Garbowski
"Cover art "Energy"

Energy 1 (tracks 1-3)

Every human being is exposed to a variety of differing foreign energies on a daily basis. Not all of these foreign vibrations are good for our body. Especially sensitive people are more likely to attract negative and burdening energies. When negative energy attaches itself to a person, it causes a so-called energy block to occur. This energy block then prevents positive energy from influencing the affected individual.

With the help of specially designed tuning forks, this music is designed to remove energy blocks from the listener and break down any interference fields. The music is composed in the diatonic scale between C 256 – C 512 Hz. The recordings are in C 4096 Hz, C 4255 Hz, and the C 4366 Hz octave in which Om is reached at 136.1 Hz.

The seven track titles are in association with the seven days of the week, the seven main chakras and their colors. This way, the individual chakras, along with the varying energies within the days of the week, can be balanced together. 

Energy 2 (tracks 4-7)

Through the healing sounds made by this set of specially designed tuning forks, the body is able to reach a state of deep relaxation. The balanced sounds heard in C+E and C+G help to relax the body in a number of ways and put the listener at ease. This music serves to relieve physical, psychological and emotional stress. It can also be used to help those with sleeping problems so that they can fall asleep easier and with less interruption.

The music is played in the frequency octave band of 4096. Half way through this band, the frequencies reaches C 2048 Hz, E 2560 Hz, and G 3072 Hz. These frequencies balance out the entire body while giving the listener a strong sense of security as healing energy flows throughout the body.

Along with personal use, this CD is recommended for sound therapy, massage, and in any kind of treatment room where therapy is practiced.

Track list:


1. Monday
2. Tuesday
3. Wednesday
4. Thursday
5. Friday
6. Saturday
7. Sunday

8 : 52
7 : 22
7 : 27
7 : 38
6 : 28
6 : 17
6 : 34
  relaxing music Energy b


The picture “Energy” by Margarete Garbowski represents a vibrant and pure color chart with an integrated heptagram. 

energy relaxing music


Set of tuning forks used on the album. Energy 1

relaxing tuning forks 1



Set of tuning forks used on the album.Energy 2

relaxing tuning forks 2